Water Jet Cutting

We provide services to all sectors as material or outsourcing for cutting all kinds of materials with our water jet machine. We will give you information as soon as possible by evaluating the technical drawings that you sent for cutting jobs in AutoCAD format via e-mail.

The water jet is cutting technology with the aid of abrasive water, delivered to the 4137 Bar (60,000 PSI). The water jet in our machine park is a technological machine and it can cut much more precise than other conventional water jets. Thanks to the dynamic cutting head, apart from the normal bridges, the two separate A and B engines with cutter heads reduce the flexing rate of the water to the minimum level, resulting in the most accurate and smooth surface.

It provides an advantage in cutting expensive materials such as carbon-fiber-titanium and aluminum alloy that are especially in the aviation, aerospace and medical sectors. The cost per unit of material is economical to cut by water jet because the scrap is at the minimum level.

  • We can cut all the materials in the nature up to 150mm thickness with CNC control without any soft division on the hard side.
  • Water jet cutting is required for materials that require a smooth cutting surface. The cutting surfaces of the materials are clean and free from burrs. No additional grinding or correction is required.
  • It is possible to cut materials such as stainless steel, copper, bronze and fiber in the thickness range of 0,05 - 0,30mm, which are used especially in shim construction and which cannot be cut by laser by using water jet.
  • Hard materials such as granite, marble, ceramics and glass used in the decoration sector can only be cut by water jet with CNC control.
  • It provides a great advantage in cutting materials such as thick stainless steel, aluminum, copper, polyethylene, kestamite, titanium, fiber and delrin.
  • Depending on demand, the corners can be cut as radial or sharp corners. Fine holes may be drilled through thick materials.
  • Due to the fact that it is a cold cutting process, there is no burning, deformation and hardening in the cutting process unlike plasma, laser, optic etc.
  • We can also cut wide plates with our 2000x4000mm machine.
  • It is possible to cut all special materials such as heat treated materials, honeycomb materials, composite materials, etc. which can not be cut by other methods by water jet.
  • The material loss from cutting is the minimum (about 1.50 mm).

    ** Aluminum ** Polythene ** Glass
    ** Titanium ** Castamide ** Laminated Glass
    ** Copper ** Polyamide ** Granite
    ** Stainless Steel ** Fiber ** Marble
    ** Brass ** Delrin ** Ceramic
    ** Watery - Dehydrated Steels ** Teflon ** Bordure
    ** Carbon Materials ** Plexiglass ** Wooden