Electrostatic Painting

  • *** In our electrostatic painting facility, we provide services on painting of outsourcing and our own manufactures.
  • *** With our 2000x2500x12500 size furnace in our facility, we first sandblast, then wash and dry, and then paint the big pieces such as machine and building constructions with electrostatic paint.
  • *** In our automated robotic electrostatic paint facility, the products to be painted are made ready for painting by passing through the drying oven after the degreasing, and rinsing, then phosphating and rinsing operations as a spray in the conveyor line respectively. The products which are prepared for painting are painted with the latest technology in double sided robots and cyclone cabinets.
  • *** Dyed products are cured at 180-200 celsius degrees according to the characteristic of spinning furnace paint and come out of the furnace. Then the materials on the conveyor are carefully packed and made ready for shipment.