We manually sandblast large pieces such as large cast parts and machine bodies in the sandblasting chamber. The purpose of the sandblasting process is to completely clean the metal to be applied before everything else and to create the pores and roughness that can be held on the metal surface of the paint to be applied.

Sandblasting is a method applied to remove the oil, dirt, rust and corrosion on the metal due to rust and corrosion, and to prolong the life of the metal by painting. Sandblasting reveals the metal's own properties, as well as destroying rust and corrosion in visible or micronized dimensions on the metal surface. A metal which has just sandblasted is the most vulnerable to rust and corrosion. If the metal is left in a humid atmosphere after the sandblasting process, it is observed that the metal is exposed to the self-evident oxidation by color change within a few hours. For this reason, the sandblasted metal should be protected as soon as possible, and the metal should be cut off with air by painting. We do this process professionally with our experienced specialists.


We use a trubbin automatic sandblasting machine for sandblasting small and many pieces of metal. The advantage of this system is that it can swiftly and economically sandblast large quantities of material. However, the disadvantage is that the large materials can not be sandblasted.